I am a Finance and Technology enthusiast with a zeal for learning and teaching.

An avid reader, I try to keep pace with a book a week, 52 a year.

Background: Undergrad in Finance, a second undergrad and masters degree in Computer Science.

Additional: Online education in Financial markets, Machine learning, Psychology from Yale, Stanford and the University of Toronto.

When I was young, my dad would get a friend of his to import old issues of Scientific American for me. This grew a side of me which needed to figure out how things work.  Whether it be opening up toy cars, or deep diving into algorithms or off-lately understanding what makes financial markets tick.

Earlier in my career, I loved automating enterprises. In a long career in consulting, I worked for Motorola, Bank of America, Citibank, Export-Import Bank, GE, Applied Materials and Royal Caribbean International.  I wrote CRM systems, BI systems, APIs, Access Control systems, Workflow Engines and more.  Some of these fortune 500 companies ran their core business with billions of dollars of revenue on systems written by me and my companies.

Today, I focus on 1) AI, 2) Algo Swing Trading, 3) Education